Which Universities in Australia Offer an MS in Cybersecurity?

The demand for cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed in recent years, and it is predicted to soar even higher. As a prospective master's student, you may be wondering which universities in Australia offer a cybersecurity master's degree.

The good news is that the choice of universities is extensive. Here are some of the prestigious universities offering such programs:

  • RMIT University

  • The University of NEWCASTLE Australia

  • DEAKIN University

  • ECU University

  • UNSW CANBERRA University

  • SWINBURNE University of Technology

  • Swinburne Online

  • University of South Australia

  • The University of ADELAIDE

  • Open Universities AUSTRALIA

This leads us to the next question.

What Are the Average Requirements (Academic & Professional) To Get Into a Master’s in Cyber Security Australia?

Master's in cybersecurity programs have different core-course and admission requirements. According to RMIT University, the minimum admission requirement for an MS in Cybersecurity in Australia includes an Australian bachelor degree with a GPA of at least 2.0 out of 4.0, or its equivalent in:

  • Computing,

  • Electrical,

  • Communication,

  • Physics,

  • Mathematics,

  • Electronics, or

  • Software

Individuals with an undergraduate degree in an engineering/ scientific or technical field with a GPA of at least 1.5 out of 4.0 or equivalent, and hold at least three years of work experience in information security, can also apply for this program.

International applicants must present their qualifications for a compatibility check alongside Australian qualifications; a requirement by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

So, Why Pursue a Master's in Cybersecurity in Australia?

According to Global Education, here are a few reasons why you should pursue a master's in cybersecurity in Australia:

This allows you to study while working, thanks to the many customized and hybrid model courses for students enrolling in part-time studies.

The short-term skill occupation list, as well as the medium and long-term strategic skills list, provides ICT security professionals a better chance of a public relations job in Australia. Furthermore, the 457 visa is applicable in certain cases.

Most Universities in Australia blend their curriculum with leadership courses to produce well-rounded experts who can go beyond their specialty to solve real-life challenges.

This will simplify the process for you to transition from one role to another and also positively impact those around you, which can be self-rewarding.

Enrolling in an Australian university gives you first-hand experience regarding your area of study. The majority of the programs intertwine their theoretical lessons with practical exercises which will deepen your understanding because you will tackle realistic issues.

Due to their international status, most universities in Australia provide a conducive networking environment. Students from diverse backgrounds get to meet, exchange ideas, and grow their networks. This can be of great value when looking for job opportunities upon graduation.

The Australian market pays its cyber security professionals well. Most experts earn an average annual salary of about $75,000 - $120,000, and this range is expected to increase.

Currently, there is a high shortage of cybersecurity personnel in Australia. This increases your chances of landing a job upon graduation.

What Are the Online MS in Cybersecurity Options in Australia?

Enrolling in an online Cybersecurity master's degree in Australia is relatively straightforward. For instance, by clicking here, you can enroll or find additional information.

Entry requirements

  • Australian level 7 bachelor's degree qualification/ equivalent in any field with relevant work experience

  • A minimum of 4.0 out of 7.0 GPA or overseas equivalent

English proficiency

  • IELTS of 6.5 overall and a minimum 6.0 in each band or equivalent

Upon completion of your program, you must prove that you:

  • Have understood all the theories and concepts taught in the program

  • Can apply whatever you have learned on real-world cybersecurity problems

  • Will be able to use, integrate, and transfer knowledge acquired from the course

  • Can evaluate and analyze any real-world cyber threats using acquired disciplinary knowledge

  • Can use the same disciplinary understanding to assess and analyze the existing cybersecurity policies and create new ones

  • Can execute a socially and ethically informed judgment in the creation and implementation of new cybersecurity policies

  • Can transfer disciplinary knowledge to academic and professional audiences

Employment opportunities for this degree span a wide range of institutions, such as:

  • Media

  • Department of Defense

  • Australian border force

  • Law enforcement and police

  • Policy advising and think tanks

How Much Does it Cost to Pursue an MS in Cybersecurity in Australia?

According to StudyLink, a cybersecurity master's degree costs around AUD 44,640 (ECU University) for both domestic and international students. However, the cybersecurity's online master degree is relatively cheaper; costing about $40,920. You can also check out individual university tuition fees for clarity purposes.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master's in Cyber Security in Australia?

Think of your cybersecurity master's degree as a way to gain hands-on experience, prepare you for leadership in your Cybersecurity career, and enable you to negotiate a higher salary.

Studying in Australia for a cybersecurity master's degree comes along with the following additional benefits:

You get value for your money

  • A cybersecurity master’s degree from an Australian university is more than just a standard degree. In order to obtain a merit, you have to undertake all the theoretical and practical aspects of the course.

  • This way, you will become adequately prepared for the upcoming real-life cyber threats that are most difficult to contain, since they are developed by equally competent individuals who are on a mission to illegally benefit from their practice.

Presence of financial incentives

  • Due to the current scarcity of cyber security professionals in Australia, several organizations sponsor individuals who want to pursue a cybersecurity program. This includes; the center for cyber safety & education, and the scholarships and incentives for women.

What You Can Do With an MS in Cybersecurity From a Reputable Australian University

A master's in cybersecurity Australia degree can land you one of the following cybersecurity jobs:

In this position, you will utilize your ethical hacking skills to test the vulnerability of systems when confronted with cyber threats. You will also be involved in formulating the cyber security strategy.

On completion of your cybersecurity master's degree, you can decide to open your own office and provide cybersecurity professional advice to clients at a fee.

Clients can include graduate school students, network security experts on topics such as cryptography, and others.

You can also opt to open your tutorial centers to mentor would-be cyber security professionals and provide them with guidance concerning cybersecurity courses.

In this position, your primary role will be to study systems to determine their preparedness in the event of a cyber threat.

As a cybersecurity professional holding this position, your duties will include hiring network security personnel. You will also be involved in providing guidance concerning cybersecurity issues at your workplace.

Holding such a position will require you to examine computer systems, as well as other digital devices, for evidence of a crime to aid investigations and intelligence services.

In this position, your role will be to evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity systems, as well as check if they comply with the required government regulations.

Your duties will include the configuration of firewalls, switches, virtual private networks, among other network monitoring tools to protect them against intrusions.

Are Scholarships Available to Students in Australia Interested in Pursuing a Master's in Cybersecurity?

According to IT Masters News, 10 Scholarships were awarded at the start of 2019 to help reduce the shortage of cybersecurity personnel in Australia. This suggests that there is a chance you can be awarded one one if you excel at cybersecurity and want to advance your skills. You can check for the latest scholarships here.

It’s important to note that every scholarship will have its unique criteria for selecting the most qualified candidates. While some scholarships are designed to make sure talented individuals from low-income backgrounds are not locked out from the cybersecurity field, others exist to funnel students into particular roles within cybersecurity.

What is the Cybersecurity Job Market Like in Australia?

According to CSO, Australia only has 7 percent of the cybersecurity expertise that it needs. Institute data further reveals that the severe skills shortage in cybersecurity is responsible for more than $400 million in revenue and wages lost.

Upward growth in cybersecurity jobs is expected in the Australian job market. Businesses are on the lookout for tech professionals with in-depth knowledge of data security and expertise in evaluating business risk. Since cybersecurity professionals have a combination of these skills, organizations are willing to pay them higher salaries.

Most in-demand cybersecurity jobs in Australia include penetration testers, ethical hackers, computer forensic analysts, vulnerability analysts, system administrators, systems engineers, cybersecurity consultants, and cyber security analysis.

Closing thoughts about a Master’s in Cybersecurity in Australia

Pursuing a master's in cybersecurity in Australia puts you in pole position to work with prestigious employers, achieve leadership positions in your cybersecurity career, and apply for new challenges that will bring you better life satisfaction.

If you have any questions about Australia master's in cybersecurity degree programs, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

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